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SIMS & Service

gotravelsim is the full-service SIM especially designed to make life and settling in easy for working holidaymakers and international students.

What’s great is that you don’t need to choose between mobile phone coverage and great value: we deliver both.

Choose from flexible packages for your mobile phone or tablet to meet your needs: both month-to-month or yearly data, voice and SMS plans.

gotravelsim is the place to go for better service. First and foremost, service means coverage and connection, and when you need us, we’re here with a 24/7 Australian call centre.

Go check out our packages

Month-to-month data, voice and SMS

For that extra convenience

Bilby 6GB

$ 30
/ month

Wallaby 10GB

$ 40
/ month

Kangaroo 15GB

$ 50
/ month

Month-to-month data

Search, stream, share and speak with data

Bandicoot 8GB

$ 35
/ month

Dingo 15GB

$ 45
/ month

Emu 20GB

$ 65
/ month

From the get-go until you go home, enjoy the best rates, service and coverage with our Ultimate Value Packages so you can enjoy Australia.

Go easy, go smarter, go for service.

The Ultimate Value Package

Better value when you're here for a year (or more)

12 month data, voice and SMS

Bilby 10GB

$ 30 per month for 12 months

Wallaby 18GB

$ 40 per month for 12 months​

Kangaroo 23GB

$ 50 per month for 12 months​

12 month data only

Bandicoot 15GB

$ 35 per month for 12 months

Dingo 25GB

$ 45 per month for 12 months​

Emu 60GB

$ 65 per month for 12 months​