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About to arrive in Australia for work or study?

Go for the SIM with the better service –

The month-to-month
Australian SIM

If you’re staying Down Under for more than a month, an Aussie SIM card is essential. You need the convenience of an Australian phone number, without a complicated contract.

gotravelsim is the traveller’s telco. Simple setup, a month-to-month SIM and local Australian support. Choose between our flexible data, voice and SMS phone services.

The gotravelsim difference

go easy

  • Know your number before you fly
  • Get your SIM at your Australian accommodation
  • Activate in an instant
  • Use our app to top up

go smarter

  • Get the reliability of Australia’s winning mobile network*
  • Choose from flexible month-to-month or yearly packages
  • Choose the telco that’s dedicated to travellers

go for service

  • Get connected easily with fast, flexible setup
  • Stay connected with service that reaches 96.5% of the Australian population
  • Get instant help from a 24/7 Australian hotline

The perfect sim to go with your needs

Month-to-month data, voice and SMS

For that extra convenience

Bilby 6GB

$ 30
/ month

Wallaby 10GB

$ 40
/ month

Kangaroo 15GB

$ 50
/ month

*Optus: ‘Best in Test’ P3 Connect Mobile Benchmark, 2017

Month-to-month data

Search, stream, share and speak with data

Bandicoot 8GB

$ 35
/ month

Dingo 15GB

$ 45
/ month

Emu 20GB

$ 65
/ month

Here for 12 months or more?

Go save with our Ultimate Value Packages